Monday, April 9, 2012

A group of disgusting Manchester University students have trashed a cross-Channel ferry during a drunken rampage ...

What was I saying a few posts ago about brainless, drunken students at UK universities? Well here's further evidence that something drastic needs to be done to stop this disgusting behaviour:

About 200 students from the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University wrecked the P&O ferry 'Spirit of France' during a crossing from Dover to Calais last Sunday.

The students - who were on their way to a skiing trip in the Alps - had been drinking before they got on board and then trashed the vessel during a mass brawl. Some of these yobs even exposed themselves to other passengers and ferry staff.

The situation on board got so bad that all other passengers had to be taken to a cordoned-off exclusive lounge for their own safety.

P&O ferries has quite rightly refused to transport this group of disgusting hooligans back to the UK on their return voyage and has reported the incident to the police.

If I had my way, I'd put them back on the ferry and then toss them all overboard half way across the Channel.

Even better, make them walk the plank in shark-infested waters!

A P&O spokesperson said that customers and staff on board the ship were "appalled by the students' aggressive and lewd conduct".

"Aggressive" and "lewd". That just about sums up the behaviour of far too many university and college students in the UK. 

In fact, at the risk of over-generalizing, it just about sums up the British, full-stop!

Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester were apparently (surprise, surprise!) not available for comment.


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