Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What should and shouldn't be news? ...

I feel as bad as the the next guy that Fabrice Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest during a match a few days ago, and I'm truly delighted that he's pulling through. The thing is, I hate football and I had never heard of Fabrice Muamba until the media went completely over the top (as it does in the UK) and decided that Muamba's misfortune should be brought to our attention morning, noon and night.

Look at yesterday's news headlines from Yahoo UK. Three of them are about Muamba, one is about another footballer who, again, I've never heard of before, and a fifth is about a stabbing incident at a boxer's home (which I actually couldn't care less about). This means that half of yesterday's headlines were devoted to events relating to sport.

Isn't there a sport's section for that kind of stuff?

School Shooting Gun Same As Other Attacks
School Shooting: Hunt For Gunman And Motive
Bolton Player Muamba 'Starts Speaking'
NotW 'followed murder probe police'
PM sets out transport network plans
Premiership Stars Visit Muamba In Hospital
Man Admits Making Racist Muamba Tweets
Man Arrested Over Stabbing At Boxer's Home
Bid to block NHS reforms fails
Star distraught after father dies

As I said earlier, it's great that Muamba is on the road to recovery. I wish him and his family well and I hope that one day soon he will be able to lead a normal life and play football again. But should the fact that other footballers are visiting him in hospital really be headline news? I think not. After the main event, this is the sort of information that only sports fans would find interesting.

I'm also (naturally) sorry that another footballer is distraught because his father died, but I'm baffled as to why the media should think that this is an important news item (or even a news item at all).

And why the hell do they call him a "star"?

It's really quite bizarre!


Proboscis said...

"Man Admits Making Racist Muamba Tweets"

LOL. The Internet is where people have been going to write belligerently racist bullshit since the mid-1990s. How is this headline news?

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