Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This is so utterly, utterly, utterly wrong! ...

The manager of Stoke City football club, Tony Pulis, avoided a driving ban today (a ban he so richly deserved) when his lawyer put forward the extraordinarily absurd argument in court that if Pulis were to lose his driving license, it could result in the club being relegated and this could affect the livelihoods of the people who have invested in it.

Fuck me!

The man was clocked doing 96 mph in a 60 mph zone, and as he already had 12 points on his license, he should have received an automatic driving ban.

But as we (and Mr Bumble) know, the law is an ass and doesn't always apply to rich fucks like royalty, rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, politicians and, it would seem, managers of football clubs.

Pulis earns around £1m a year and could easily afford a chauffeur, but he claims that a chauffeur might discover club secrets and leak them to competitors.

Ever heard of taxis, Tony?


People who earn £1m a year can afford to buy cars with sound-proof partitions.

This guy didn't just take his own car for a high-speed ride, he also took the UK legal system for a high-speed ride, and the judge (who should now be sacked) let him off the hook with a miserable £2,500 fine (even though Pulis now has 15 points on his licence and should not be driving on public roads where he is obviously a danger to others).

And just to add salt to the wound, Pulis's top-of-the-range BMW didn't cost him a penny. It was given to him by Knights, a local motor dealer.

Can you fucking believe the cheek of it!

For the record, I'm not against rich people who have earned their riches honestly or won millions on the lottery. I'm against rich people being allowed to bend the law and walk away scot-free when ordinary, less privileged people would have the book thrown at them.

It's a fucking disgrace!

(Photograph: Barry Coombs/EMPICS Sport)


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