Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Athletes warned not to shake hands ... (absurd!)

Apparently, the British Olympic Association's chief medical officer, Dr Ian McCurdie, has ordered British athletes not to shake hands (either before or during the 2012 Olympic Games) in case they catch a bug that could ruin their chances of taking part or winning a medal. He believes that athletes could easily pick up a harmful virus in the "stressful environment" of the Games.

The Dog's Cojones says: Despite its undeniable benefits, the Internet has already created a generation of socially inept morons who hide themselves away for hours (if not days) at a time while they lose themselves in the murky, social-networking world of roleplay (including ultra-violent gaming) and false friends. Now we are being told that shaking hands will make us ill. Maybe we should also hold our breath when we get too close to other people. In fact, why don't we just wrap ourselves in cocoons and cut out physical contact altogether!

Britain: the ultimate nanny state!


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