Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a friggin' disgrace! Yet again, Joe public has to fork out for the stinking rich!

While the vast majority of their 'subjects' (ha ha!) are struggling to survive the financial crisis, it has just been announced that although the royal family has condescended to pay for William and Kate's church service, music, flowers, decorations reception and honeymoon (well whoopie-fucking-doo!), the general public will foot the security bill.

And that's not all ...

... the wedding day will be a public holiday!

So not only will public taxes be used to finance an unnecessarily elaborate ceremony involving an out-of-date, out-of-touch, incalculably wealthy and useless institution - the British monarchy - a lot of poor bastards who work for money-grabbing employers who only pay by the hour will find themselves out of pocket when they are forced to take a day off while two people who cannot even begin to comprehend the meaning of the term 'financial hardship' tie the knot and then bugger off on a hyper-luxury honeymoon leaving the rest of us wondering how the fuck we're going pay our gas and electricity bills and put the next meal on the table.

And the most amazing (and truly absurd) phenomenon of all: millions of those poor bastards will line the streets and cheer, or sit glued to their TVs in blissful stupidity, as the happy couple make their vows and then drive by in their million-dollar limousine waving to the idiots who finance their billion-dollar lives.

So tell me please ... with the exception of the trillions of dollars that are spent on wars every year instead of finding a cure for cancer, how much more perverse can you get?!


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