Saturday, October 9, 2010

Utterely disgraceful: China blocks news of Nobel peace prize winner

Imprisoned Chinese democracy campaigner Liu Xiaobo has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize ... but he almost certainly doesn't know it yet.

Roads around the prison in the Chinese city of Jin Zhou have been blocked by security, and the Chinese state media has blacked out the news. Chinese government censors have also blocked Nobel Prize reports on Internet websites.

How much more pathetic can you get!

The awarding of the Nobel Prize to Liu - who was sentenced last year to 11 years in a prison for subversion - has drawn furious condemnation from the Chinese government.

On Friday, US President Barack Obama called on China to release the imprisoned Nobel laureate saying that he has "sacrificed his freedom for his beliefs."

Come on China! How can you expect to win global support and friendship when you suppress freedom of speech? Hundreds of thousands of young people from your country study all over the world. UK and US universities are full of them. It's time to stop being an asshole!


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