Saturday, August 21, 2010

I despair at how fucked the world is! Saudi Judge Asks Doctors To Damage Criminal's Spinal Cord

Apparently, a Saudi judge has asked several hospitals to damage a man's spinal cord in order to paralyse him as punishment for a cleaver attack that left another man paralysed.

Abdul-Aziz al Mutairi became paralysed and subsequently lost a foot after a fight more than two years ago.

An unnamed man was sentenced to 14 months in prison for the assault, but released after serving only half that time leaving Mutairi's family enraged.

His brother is now demanding an equivalent punishment for the attacker and has appealed to a judge who has asked several hospitals to carry out the "medical paralysis" (fuck!), but so far the hospitals have said that they could not inflict such harm.

"There is no better word than God's word - an eye for an eye," claims Mutairi's brother. (What an asshole!)

Saudi Arabia enforces strict Islamic law and occasionally hands out punishments based on the ancient legal code.

Amnesty International has expressed concerns over the reports and said it was contacting Saudi authorities for details.

Lamri Chirouf, the group's researcher on Saudi Arabia, said that this was the first time Amnesty had heard of a punishment involving the damaging of a spinal cord.

"It's hard to follow details of the Saudi justice system," he said. "People are sentenced in closed trials with no access to the public and no lawyers."


I'm ashamed to be a member of the human race!


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