Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Can you believe this shit?! Catholic rosary beads are becoming popular as jewelry!

Apparently, so-called 'celebrities' (yeah, right!) like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Dakota Fanning and David Beckham (I hate football, by the way) wear them as jewelry. And now a 13-year-old brat in New York has been suspended for wearing them in school.

But hang on a sec! It seems that some idiot federal judge reinstated the little bastard pending a hearing into whether the suspension violated his civil rights. What the ... !!!

The school in question - Oneida Middle School - contended that Raymond Hosier (the brat) violated a policy banning gang-related clothing (rosary beads are sometimes worn as gang symbols). But the brat, who was initially suspended two weeks ago, says he wears the purple rosary in memory of his younger brother, who died while clutching it after a bicycle accident.

Hosier says that he refuses to take them off, and he could be suspended again if he wears them to school on Monday. But the American Center for Law and Justice, an offshoot of Pat Robertson's (whoever the fuck that is!) Christian Broadcasting Network (and there you have it ... the fucking Jesus freaks again!), filed a lawsuit contending that the suspension violated Hosier's rights to free speech and religious expression. And the bastards are doing it for free!

I tell you, the world's in a fucking mess!


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